Izabela S.

We were pleasantly surprised by our stay at the hotel. The rooms are cozy, warm and with a wonderful view. We liked the food in the restaurant and the prices are quite normal, the staff was also very kind. Thank you!

Fredrick Bernard III

Amazing place. Truly a luxurious resort in the mountains. Great food and facilities. Extremely friendly staff. If you are visiting from North America or English speaking countries staff is fluent in English. Highly recommend.


I stayed at the end of January as I was looking to go Skiing in Bankso. The hotel was top class and featured a spa with a steam room, sauna and outdoor hot tub (plus more) which was nice to use while the hotel was covered in snow! The daily shuttle brought us to and...

Melanie Sharp

We have had a wonderful holiday at Local Stay. Stunning views, exceptionally clean with great facilities. The spa is a must do after a hard day snowboarding on the mountains with transport to and from the hotel available. The restaurants onsite had amazing quality of...