Team Building

Local Stay is the perfect destination for an unforgettable team-building experience or a remote office in the mountains. The complex combines the healing power of nature, the spaciousness, and the clean air of three mountains – Pirin, Rila, and Rhodope.

Not just accommodation but a true experience.

Looking for the perfect destination for team-building? Local Stay is the ideal place for you! With its mountain coziness, timeless interior, and gracious service, we offer:

  • 51 spacious rooms with breathtaking mountain views
  • Co-working space for important business discussions
  • Restaurant with a capacity of 130 seats
  • Exciting team activities such as cooking lab, cocktail lab, wine blending, horseback riding, golf, mountain hikes, and much more.
  • Yoga studio and Art workshop

Give your teams a unique experience! Give them Local Stay.

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Wine Blending

Become an oenologist and give your guests the unique opportunity to create their own wine.

With the professional assistance of Tihomir Stamenov from “Katarzhina Estate,” you’ll learn more about the history of wine, where and what varieties are grown in Bulgaria, and you’ll test a special set of 88 aromas typical for different grape varieties and wine styles. You’ll also learn how to create “scent memory” for wine and aromas.

At the end, everyone will have the chance to blend their own bottle with the right proportions and varieties of red wine, as well as to brand their bottle with an authentic custom label.

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Cocktail Lab

Do you love cocktails but don’t know how to make them yourself? Want to spice up your party with something different? Well, our cocktail workshop is just for you! It’s a short and fun mixology course that will surely delight and impress you.

We work with professionals in the field of cocktails who not only know how to create unique products but also communicate well with people, involving them in the process of creating beautiful and tasty drinks.

Information about cocktails and practical training is presented in an easy and understandable way, and in the end, everyone has a lot of fun, with cheers and laughter filling the event.

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Аctivities and Amenities

Restaurant CAVA

Dive into the unique mix of traditional and international cuisine, served with attention to detail and aesthetics in our CAVA restaurant.


The hotel offers studios, apartments, and stand-alone villas nestled amidst a cozy and scenic mountain setting.


Local Stay offers convenient options for active work in a remote office environment.