Take a break from the workplace, not from the work itself. Workation reduces stress levels, changes the routine of your home office, and helps refresh your horizons and perspectives.

Co-working space

“Local Me Up” is a corporate social space with a capacity of 40 flexible workstations in an open area and a spacious green courtyard for colleagues and co-working members. Additionally, we offer a stage with a large 4K smart monitor, making the space ideal for your business events and seminars.

Conference Room

A meeting space for 12-14 people, soundproofed and equipped with everything you need for your offline business meetings, calls, or webinars.


Zoom & Broadcasting Studio

A noise-isolated Zoom & Broadcasting studio designed for professional video and audio recording, podcasts, and live streaming.

Аctivities and Amenities

Relax Center

Our wellness center offers the perfect combination for recovery and relaxation of the body and the mind.


Local Stay is not only the perfect place to relax but a hub offering a wide range of activities for our guests.


We will help you organize your perfect event by taking care of all the little details.